Project data


US$ 13,318,300

* This figures is likely to be revised as it does not include the elections budget which is still under discussions



UNDP & UNSOM project staff out of which 10 are national staff positions


2018/01/01 – 2020/12/31

Sources of funding (2018-2020)

European Union: US$ 4,786,426
Germany: US$ 4,695,088
Sweden: US$ 3,274,756
UK: US$ 1,931,614
Norway: US$ 1,731,390
USAID: US$ 2,535,000
UNDP: US$ 1,972,154

TOTAL: US$ 20,926,427


National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC)
Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MOIFAR)
Ministry of Internal Security to support the National Electoral Security Task Force and operations center


Support to the development of the electoral building blocks to prepare of Somalia’s first universal general elections since 1969

Main objectives

1. The institutional capacity of National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) is developed to fulfill its mandate to prepare for and conduct electoral operations, including at the subnational level.

2. Support the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) to conduct electoral operations to prepare for elections in 2021, including voter registration planning and voter education.

3. Support the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to develop the electoral legal framework, including the system of representation, through a consultative and inclusive approach.

What we do

The UNDP/UNSOM Joint Programme for Electoral Support intends to build and develop the long term electoral and institutional capacity of the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) to be fully capable of delivering Universal Suffrage in Somalia. The project also supports the NIEC with effective and functional electoral operations necessary in the preparations for multi-party, direct universal elections. The project also aims to support the Federal Government of Somalia to develop the electoral legal framework, including a consultative and inclusive drafting process of the Electoral Law with a system of representation in place to conduct Universal Elections in Somalia.

Project background

UN’s Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG) is a joint UN programme established in 2014 with Joint effort by UNSOM and UNDP.

The Project was then reviewed after the 2016 indirect electoral process for a new Federal Parliament.

While a multiyear horizon is envisaged towards 2020/2021, the immediate scope of the current “Joint Programme for Support to Preparations for Universal Elections in Somalia” focuses on the building blocks in 2018.

The programme comprises electoral advisors and experts from both UNSOM and UNDP and has been recognized as successful example of UN integrated electoral support.

The programme composes of high-calibre key technical staff, also necessary to navigate a complex political environment.

The project has a total of 15 Internationals and 9 national staff members, holding various positions fundamental to the implementation of the project.

The project receives core funding and support from the UN Mission to Somalia as well as from donor partners through the Multi-Partnership Trust Fund (MPTF), administratively managed under UNDP.

MPTF donor partners from 2015 include: the European Union, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

IESG also received bilateral funding in 2016 from Japan directly to the UNSOM Trust Fund.

In addition, IESG benefits from in-kind contribution and funding from UNSOM/UNSOS.

To know more about the EU-UNDP Parternship on Electoral Assistance, please visit: www.ec-undp-electoralassistance.org

The project is carrying out activities in the following areas:

  • Output 1: National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) equipped with necessary capacities and structures to prepare for and conduct credible and inclusive elections;
  • Output 2: NIEC supported to enhance public awareness of electoral processes, including promotion of women’s participation;
  • Output 3: Support to the NIEC’s electoral operations, including preparations for voter registration;
  • Output 4: Establishment of permanent NIEC office facilities;
  • Output 5: Development of an enabling electoral legal electoral framework supported;
  • Output 6: UN Programme Management.

Who we are

Given the integrated mission setting, UNDP and UNSOM staff work for integrated electoral support programme with number of positions as follows:

  • UNDP  –  Number of positions: 14 (See the organigram below)
  • UNSOM  –  Number of positions: 39


UNDP Project focal point

For any inquiries please contact
Mary Cummins