UNDP provides capacity-building to NIEC staff members

On 20 September 2020, the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) monitoring and evaluation unit Team Leader and staff convened a virtual working session with the UNDP monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Specialist and Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG) capacity training officers. The session was part of a series of capacity building initiatives for the Unit to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation activities of the NIEC’s programmes. The NIEC staff discussed the M&E activity plan for the last quarter of 2020. The team will be supported with the development of a dashboard to monitor the progress of NIEC projects and other essential skills on conducting surveys, data collection and quality control during the next quarter. The NIEC team plans to establish an M&E working group at NIEC headquarters to help improve understanding of the importance of M&E, developing an M&E infographic to facilitate more effective presentation of M&E team findings and conducting a quarterly review of the NIEC’s annual workplan.


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